Dylan Griffith's art finds momentum

The amount of artwork Dylan Griffith produces is staggering. It seems almost every day, he shares a new painting or sketchbook doodle on his Instagram. His subject matter ranges everywhere from religious imagery—a nude Adam and Eve being banned from the Garden of Eden—to unnamable animals existing as some combination of dog, deer, rabbit and human. 

Whether he is painting landscapes or surreal portraits, Griffith's work is imbued with a subtle sense of humor—he has obviously mastered seeing the world with a fresh perspective.  

Viewing Griffith's work is reminiscent of a strange recurring dream; his art has an approachability, but also pushes the boundaries of our comfort zones. It makes us wonder about the different sides of the things we are most familiar with: a mountain range melts into an amorphous wave, various body parts suddenly enlarge. As Griffith states, he hopes the art creates a sense of "funkiness." 

For Griffith, creating art is an organic, free-form process. There's no set rules -- and this comfortable, no-pressure approach definitely shines through in the final product. 

"In my sketchbook I sort of stream of conscious draw a lot of organic shapes that eventually turn into mountains, clouds, birds, or people," says Griffith. "Then when I go to make something finished I go back through my doodles and try to incorporate some of the ideas from there. I think a lot of it has to with what feels good to draw, mountains and hands feel really good to draw." 

Griffith graduated from the Monserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass., and has since pursued illustration. Mastering a style has taken time; when hanging his senior show, Griffith realized he hated all of the work. It took realizing that he was letting other people influence him too much for Griffith to fall into the artistic momentum he has found. 

"It's taken me until recently to start working the way that feels right," Griffith says. 

Post-graduation, Griffith has focused on finding the right direction to move in. If his art is any indication though, he is very quickly finding where he needs to be.

You can view more of Griffith's art at http://dylansgriffith.com/ and buy his work at http://dylansgriffith.tictail.com