"When I look and find a person in uninterrupted thought, I know they are making a self-discovery from within."


Best Dressed in the West: Diana Williams' handmade clothing offers something for everyone

"Her Etsy store is full of bralettes, underwear and bodysuits, crafted from delicate mesh, lace, and satin. Her Instagram page is full of people with all sizes and shapes of bodies, looking effortlessly cool in anything from lace-up velvet knickers to whimsically light mesh pieces completed with flowering ocotillo." 


Dylan Griffith's art finds momentum

"Viewing Griffith's work is reminiscent of a strange recurring dream; his art has an approachability, but also pushes the boundaries of our comfort zones. It makes us wonder about the different sides of the things we are most familiar with: a mountain range melts into an amorphous wave, various body parts suddenly enlarge"


A Conversation with Wendy Valdez

"A lot of people who were interested in my zines told me, 'I've felt this way,' or 'this is something that I have experienced,' or 'please make more, I want to work with you.' I think it was mainly connecting with others who have had a similar experience in life." 

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First Impressions of Los Angeles

"There is nothing better than an enormous, difficult city like Los Angeles to humble one's perspective. "

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To save your art, kill the perfectionist

"I abandoned graphite and other forgivable mediums as a personal challenge and experienced a freeing artistic experience—suddenly the mistakes I made couldn’t be hidden away with eraser scrubbing. Moments of sloppiness, misguidance, poor perspective, and inattention were trapped permanently on crisp white pages, demanding acceptance or at least tolerance." 

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Fidel's Felines: Documenting the stray cats of Cuba

"Toward the end of our trip, a few of us were walking through a neighborhood in Havana that was absolutely riddled with cats. They climbed into the trash cans and attempted to eat mango peels and watched with wide eyes as we walked by." 

Why I'm Gay.jpg

Challenging the male gaze: Grace Fenlason's graphic illustrations focus in on women who ignore your standards 

"With this series, I was inspired by women I find conventionally and unconventionally beautiful as well as women that inspired me for both positive and negative reasons. Women like Winona Ryder, Rihanna and Solange were the pop culture influencers of my childhood and continue to do so in my adulthood." 


A Conversation with Donna Kaz

"I am the same person with or without the mask. I am talking about the same issues of sexism and discrimination because they still exist and are important issues to keep bringing up."

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